Akena : บริษัท เอเคน่า อินเตอร์เนชั่นแนล จำกัด

GemStones, crushed glass or glass aggregates are the same meaning. It's a transparent glass creating a luminous sense of depth , a nonporous,
Size of Gemstones 9-15 mm. and 15-20 mm.
Area 1 sq.m consumes around 12-15 kilogram of GemStone series depense on density.

Benefits and applications

- For use in both interior and exterior applications
- An ideal landscape features
- Fractured glass surface and multidimensional shape ensure a secure hold in epoxy or cement.
- When used with epoxy terrazzo, provides limitless design options for floors, countertops, window sills, tiles, patios and other projects.

GS.001 White Moonstone Frost white
GS.002 Black Spinel Black
GS.003 Emerald Dark green
GS.004 Jade  green
GS.005 Peridot yellow green
GS.006 Fluorite Green pale green
GS.007 Lapis pale bluish green
GS.008 Aquamarine deep ocean blue
GS.009 Turquoise light blue
GS.010 Dark Blue Sapphire Dark blue
GS.011 Blue Sapphire Blue
GS.012 Dark Amber Red brown
GS.013 Ruby Red Red
GS.014 Red Garnet Dark red
GS.015 Amethyst Purple
GS.016 Yellow Topaz Yellow
GS.017 Hyacinth Coffee brown

Gemstone Apps